Girls Soccer

The girls soccer team is finding new ways to grow and succeed by learning to correct their flaws and push for a successful end to their season.
During the early part of their season, the girls found ways to bond and create a family-like setting to ensure a positive environment. They continue to encourage each other through their ups and downs on and off the field.
“A lot of times my teammates will help [me and others] out and let us know, ‘Hey you were supposesd to be there on that play, but don’t worry, you got it next time.’ Everything about our team is really positive, so that helps to keep us motivated and learn from what we’ve messed up on. Our coaches, too. Everyone’s really supportive, but they’re not afraid to point out what is done wrong,” said freshman Emily Hansen.
The girls have had many successes in their season. They have learned to take their mistakes and turn them around. In games, whenever a mistake is made, the team stresses the need to fix it in practices. So, during practices, they correct flaws and run their drills. They play scrimmages to apply it in to their games.
“We always ensure we’re giving our all during every game, and we know we need to be precise. Whatever we don’t do correctly in a game, we do it over and over in practice so we can be good for the next game,” said sophomore Emma Dusek.
The girls have worked in practices and games to succeed. Some of their games they believe to be more outstanding than others.
“We have played well in conference, and those are always important games. We successfully defeated Grayslake Central and had a hard fought tie against a quality Round Lake, which has set us up in position to fight for a conference title,” said head coach Adam DeCaluwe.
The girls have gotten through the season by working on their own to reach their goals, but also as a team to grow together toward new goals.