Band holds final concert of the year

As the school year winds down, the band gives the school a great night with their music they’ve been working so hard on.

The last band concert of 2019 was a one to remember. The new band members and the old all came together to perform beautiful pieces orchestrated by band director Candace Edstrand. The band did not disappoint, and as usual, the audience cheered for every piece.

“I am so proud. We worked so hard for months on this music, and we performed so well. Our percussion section is so strong and confident, and they push us in everything. We have so many strong players in this band, and we all make every day the best day possible. This performance was the product of everything we have done,” said junior Catherine Finan.

For each piece, people were on their feet applauding the band. The combination of calm and quiet to intense and loud was beautiful, and everyone was supportive of it the whole night. It was a huge success and a performance to remember.

“The concert was such a great opportunity for everyone to show their creativity and to display all their hard work in front of a crowd, and it was such a fun time just to show everyone all that we worked on,” said freshman Peter Meyer.

At this point, the band is a very supportive friend group and family. They all pull each other together and support each other. They are proud when things go right and helpful when things go wrong. They’ve built something amazing, and no one is left out of it.

“I loved hearing the other bands’ pieces and realizing how hard they worked to perfect them. I loved how proud our band director looked after each bands’ performance,” said junior Julian Monda.

Photos by Jasmine Monda