Boys Basketball season ends at Regionals

Boys basketball finished their regular season with 17-13 record heading into Regionals.

“I was really proud of our regular season, mainly because we went through a difficult stretch where we lost 6 consecutive games, which is obviously never ideal, but rebounded to win 7 of our next 8. I was extremely impressed with our resiliency and how we rallied around each other to finish the season strong. Not to mention, we had a 4-0 record against our biggest rivals in Grayslake Central and Lakes,” said head coach Todd Grunloh.

When tough games were at play, the players knew to always fight their way back up.

“I felt like we would push ourselves to fight back no matter what the score was, and that’s something we did all year,” said junior Jason Donohue.

With the team constantly making memories shows how connected they are to the game and their teammates.

“My favorite moment in the season was when I threw a lob off the backboard to Ryan vs. Wauconda and the crowd went crazy,” said sophomore Tony Hines.

When Regionals came around, the team knew they were up for a challenge and won their first game against Wauconda but lost the next game to Waukegan.

“We knew going in that our schedule was going to challenge ever single game, in ways that we have never been challenged before. We intentionally scheduled these games to make us a stronger team and better prepared for the difficulties of our 4A Sectional. Although we finished second in the NLCC, we still had a great season with a 17-13 record (9-5 NLCC),” Grunloh said.

As being a sophomore on varsity, Tony Hines was able to grow with the team and get ready for next year.

“I can take a lot away from this season as this being my first year on varsity. I was able to learn from my experienced teammates how to get my game to the next level, and I thank them for that,” Hines said.

Although the season ended, the players grew stronger together and were able to improve how they play.

“After spending four months together, I think it became obvious that our players grew much closer, which is always great to see from a coaching standpoint. Players not only improved from an individual standpoint, but also how well they played as a cohesive group,” Grunloh said.