Pen and Paper organizes Open Mic Night


For those who love to write and use writing to express themselves and the world around them, it can be hard to be heard. Sometimes it’s a lack of audience. Sometimes it’s too hard to present it to others out of fear of being judged. Sometimes there just isn’t any time to present. Whatever stops them, Pen and Paper has just the kind of event artists need to get out there. Open Mic Night, on April 5, will be a night for sharing written works and listening to the works of others.

Events like this have been set up before. The infamous Coffee House allows people to rehearse an act and show everyone their talent, and this will be similar, but not quite the same.

“We decided we wanted to do another Coffee House but to an extreme that was more manageable for us and less intimidating to performers,” said Pen and Paper sponsor Stephanie Church. “For this event, we have specific goals. We wanted to really showcase original work, like original poetry or original written work to kind of get back to the core of Literary Magazine.”

This isn’t an idea to exclude any music acts, but rather to take a different angle on Coffee House. The focus is on originality, writing, and relaxation to make the most inviting environment possible.

“We consider lyrics and music creative writing as well. Musicians are welcome to perform as long as it is original work or they’ve had their own spin on it,” Church said. “Another goal was to make the event more welcoming to kids who may not want to get on the stage and have a spotlight on them, so instead of the Black Box theater, it will be in B162.”

This event is made to help make people more comfortable with their writing. Even if people don’t want to share, they are welcome to come join the fun and listen to others share their work. The idea is that they might be comfortable enough to present too.

“All are welcome. You don’t have to be a huge fan of poetry; you don’t have to be a literary prodigy. It doesn’t matter what class you’re in. If you have something that you want to perform, just bring it,” said senior Victoria Frederichs. “There’s no need to sign up; just come as you are. Even if you just want to listen to what other artists have to say, you’re welcome to.”

Writers need to have their stories written before April 5 to join, because there is no sign up. Showing up is all there is to it.

“Anyone who wants to come and see performances or perform themselves are welcome to come,” said senior Ari McFaul.