North hosts annual Big Game

The school kicked off the month of March by preparing for The Big Game. The Big Game is a chance for the school to support the Special Olympics students during one of their basketball games.
“Our student-athletes are practicing during PE and any other chance they could. Other students that were announcing, doing video, and reffing the game also practiced that. Students from Mr. Sweitzer’s class created flyers to advertise The Big Game. Staff organized last minute details and spread the word about this exciting event,” said life skills teacher Kelly Benton.
Some students even had the chance to assist in preparing for The Big Game. Junior Abby Tompoles had the chance to work with the team during their practices after school.
“It was a really exciting experience for me to be able to work with the team. They’re all really funny and give me something to look forward to at the end of my day. I was extremely happy to see all the hard work they put in after school go to use in the game,” Tompoles said.
Prior to The Big Game, the school hosted a Kindness Week that promoted kind actions throughout the student body.
“Something new we did this year is Kindness Week. Each day we did something different related to spreading kindness leading up to The Big Game,” said activities director Molly Tomlinson.
Although The Big Game was something to be celebrated, there was one setback. Performances had to be limited because not everyone was able to perform during the halftime show.
“The only challenge has been that some groups that have asked to perform couldn’t. Unfortunately, we just didn’t have the time in the assembly to allow for everyone to perform,” Tomlinson said.
The halftime show consisted of a performance by the Jesse White Tumblers. Throughout halftime, they performed flips and multiple stunts in front of the crowd.
“My favorite part was the halftime show because of the amazing flips and tricks that were performed,” said junior Tim Ryno.
It was fun for the athletes to come together as a team. The game presented their companionship and sportsmanship all in one.
“I really liked when my teammates passed me the ball. We all had a lot of fun,” said junior Michael Dionido.
Overall, the goal of The Big Game was to promote inclusion and kindness throughout the school. The Big Game benefits students by providing them with the chance to be involved with an excellent cause.
“It’s beneficial because it has a ripple effect that we can never measure. If someone experiences The Big Game and then goes out and includes someone they may not have included before, or is a little kinder to someone, then it has an ongoing effect,” Benton said. “We hope it truly lasts forever with all students and staff that attend. Not all schools do this, so the students that do get to attend should take it all in and try to spread that positivity and kindness.”

Rhiannon Swanson
North takes the opportunity for an offensive play.


Rhiannon Swanson
Senior Patrick Miner cheers after scoring two points.