GNHS hosts Carnival to celebrate French and German cultures


On Thursday, Feb. 28th, the French and German Clubs hosted a Carnival to celebrate French and German culture.

“French and German Clubs hosted “Carnival” to offer a fun event for students related to the holiday celebrated this time of year in both French and German-speaking countries…namely Switzerland and France and New Orleans here in the US. We had chocolate fondue and snacks to eat. We had music. Students were able to make masks, which is traditional for Carnival, and we had a photo booth with mask props and games. It was a great night!,” said French teacher Jennifer Welty.

Students who went can benefit themselves about learning more about how each of their culture works.

“This was beneficial for French students because you learned a little bit more about the culture and history of Mardi Gras,” junior Erin Fielder said.

Each culture is different from the way they dress to their language, and you wouldn’t want to miss this learning experience.

“I would recommend students going because it was really chill, and I got to experience activities they did. Overall, it taught me more about their culture and how it made me feel apart of them,” Fielder said.