Basketball ends season

On Thursday, February 28th, the basketball team ended their season with a 74-38 loss against Waukegan.

“Our goal on the defensive end was to pack in the lane and then get stops to try to push the ball in transition” said junior Ryan Connolly.

Despite the tough competitors the Knights faced, they focused on the positives to push through.

“We started off good. We took care of the ball in the first quarter, and we truly played our game. We tried to work together as much as possible,” said junior Saevion Moore.

However, with the best parts also came the worst parts of the game. A bittersweet moment on the court included officially saying goodbye to the team’s seniors.

“The worst part was watching all of the seniors come off the court for the last time. I’m definitely going to miss playing with them,” Connolly said.

Overall, the season was one the Knights were able to be proud of. The lessons learned and companionship gained was worth the hardships faced.

“ I learned a lot, even though I was injured and had to sit on the bench. However, it was really nice to be a part of the team either way because we all had a role and the seniors made things fun. I really enjoyed this season,” said junior Ray Shoemaker.