LSU hosts annual soccer tournament

The LSU soccer tournament was a fun event for students to compete in a light hearted tournament hosted by Latinos Stand Up on February 14, 2019.

North has hosted an LSU soccer tournament annually for 10 or more years now, and it’s still fun every year.

“The best part for me is that people from all over Grayslake North compete, the whole school. There are often teams with teachers on them, boys, girls, kids who play on the soccer team or kids who just do it for fun. Families like to come and watch. I just like that it kind of brings people together from all different parts of the school culture,” said sponsor Cynthia Karabush.

Students formed teams and signed up for the tournament to have fun and do something different. There were people who have played in leagues and clubs, or played from the school, even kids who’ve never even played before. So for some students, this was their first time. The fees paid for the tournament were put toward making t-shirts for the winners. They wanted to make students remember each year, and they chose to make t-shirts.

“It was a really good time. I saw my friends and people I didn’t know who were really good at soccer, but there was a rivalry between us,” said senior Alonso Vargas.

One team was a team of four named Los Latinos. Their players were Eros Martinez, Andy Mata, Micaela Acuna, and Alonso Vargas. They were the winning team comprised of North players.

“My favorite part of the tournaments was playing with my friends,” said freshman Eros Martinez.