People use new technology for teaching

Students and staff adapt to technology in a school setting

Technology is constantly improving and changing the way people live. New programs can help teach and develop skills or find new information. Technology is so important in every field, and it has become increasingly present in schools as well.

Technology is changing the way teachers teach classes more than ever. Students have easily accessible resources at all times right in their pockets, which makes it easy for teachers to get students what they need.

“You look at computers, the internet, cell phones, they can all really help with the school process. When you think about the amount of information that’s now available right at the students’ fingertips, it’s amazing,” said history teacher Johnny Kent. “The ability to type, to do research, stuff that would have been almost impossible for the school to be able to have that amount of information. I can send students any resources and a wide spectrum of them at any point. Honestly, from a social studies perspective, it really changes what I can do.”

Technology is changing rapidly and everyone is on a pretty even playing field; however, this is a pretty recent change. Only a few years ago, people didn’t know exactly who could use newer technology like the internet.

“I think [the reason new technology is so useful] is just the accessibility. I think because of the fact that now everybody has the technology to use, inside and outside the school, it’s become more useful. It used to be when I was even in school that we would avoid having assignments on the internet because we weren’t sure if people had internet at home. It was just kind of everyone has it now, and if they don’t, it’s so easy to get,” said math teacher Kyle Fosco.

Newer technology is helpful for teachers too. Many problems in teaching have been solved by new programs and improved upon.

“The thing I always look forward to most with new technology is the things that you didn’t know you were going to be able to do. For example, I always say I will not recommend an app to a class or a program unless it’s going to be able to be used in more than just one way,” said instructional coach Tom New.

New inventions will always come along to change the way people work. It creates new paths, makes life easier, and changes the way students learn.

“When I went to college, my job didn’t exist,” New said. “I think sometimes, I used to be an English teacher, and I think about, my gosh, hardly any of that serious content comes into play with the job that I currently have. The things I was doing outside of class and teaching yearbook got me ready for the job that I currently have.”