Lizzie Green

Lizzie Green is a freshman, and her father, Patrick Green, works at the school as one of the English teachers.

“It’s not too much different because I don’t really see my dad throughout the day, and so I go to his classroom at the end of the day and do some homework in there. So far it hasn’t been a bad experience,” said freshman Lizzie Green.

Patrick Green has been working in the district for 21 years. He started at Grayslake Central when it was Grayslake Community High School. He moved to North when it opened and, except for one year, has been working here ever since. As Lizzie grew up in Grayslake, she knew she would be going to school with her dad.

“When coming into freshman year, I wasn’t worried about going to school with my dad. Just a little nervous if I had him as my English teacher,” Lizzie Green said.

Patrick Green teaches AP Language and Composition, Junior English, and World Literature. He plays by the rules by not giving her any special help at home.

“I just don’t really want to have him as a teacher because he told me that if I had him that he wouldn’t be able to help me at home because other students don’t get a chance for that,”Lizzie Green said.

Having a parent working at the school helps her to work harder.

“I feel like he might grade me harder because he knows what I can do and he expects more from me, but now since he doesn’t have me, I feel like it’s nice since he knows what the other teachers want from me,” Lizzie Green said.

Many of Lizzie’s friends also know her dad and may have him as a teacher.

“When my friends found out that my dad taught here, they didn’t think it was weird at all. They thought it was pretty cool,” Lizzie Green said.