Tri-M prepares singing Valentines

Ian Doyle
Last year, Tri-M delivered a singing Valentine to another student with saxophone accompaniment.

Coming this Valentine’s Day, Tri-M will be performing the Singing Valentines that students purchased outside the lunchroom to raise money for music programs.The Valentines, which include a wide variety of songs and some candy, will be delivered during classes on Valentine’s Day. The money will be used to support any costs of Tri-M, and the rest will be donated.

“I hope that the Singing Valentines will bring fun little surprises and smiles to peoples’ faces throughout the day but also provide more funding and opportunities to music programs in need,” said Tri-M member Victoria Frederichs. “We do the Valentines to raise money for other schools that need more funding to their musical programs and to give other students the opportunities to be as involved with music as possible. We also do so to put a different spin on fundraising that involves the students directly in a fun manner.”

This yearly tradition has grown over the years in efficiency to perform about 300 Valentines in a day. The group is dedicated to spreading joy around the school.

“One of the missions of Tri-M is to make our communities better through music. Even if it just creates a better atmosphere for everybody for a short amount of time, that’s a win for Tri-M. We’re not so concerned about how much money we make on it because we make enough to cover the expenses. It’s a lot of fun, and it’s a big event for us every year,” said Choir director Paul Nielsen.

Valentine’s Day is an ideal time for Tri-M to set up an event to get the students excited since it is already a day of love and caring.

“I like the whole idea of a day dedicated to love. I’m a little bit sappy and I’m a little bit of a romantic. I like the idea of spreading that to people and letting everyone know they’re cared for. I think that’s important,” said Tri-M member Lily Pinkowski.

Tri-M also host other events for the community such as musical chairs and their performances on Friday mornings. They love to spread the music for all the students and staff.

“I came in my freshman year and I knew about Tri-M from eighth grade night, but I was just really passionate about music and higher level music things. I also loved getting involved in things. It was another honors society and one that really mattered to me and that I wanted to be a part of,” said Tri-M president Sarah Spears.