Band puts on their final concert of 2018


As the year ends and all the students go on break, band gave one last performance this year at their winter concert on December 17.

The band has put in a lot of rehearsal time over the course of the semester and were prepared to show their work for the last concert of the year.

“We spent a lot of time on all of our songs. There were a few parts that were particularly difficult, specifically a song with a ton of time signature changes, but we pulled through with a ton of practice,” said percussionist Walker Wilson. “I really enjoyed my slapstick part in ‘Sleigh Ride’ and playing a cowbell solo in a song called ‘Havendance’.”

Some students in the band have had many years of experience with performing. Many of them started in previous schools or have had musical experience from very early on.

“I started band in 5th grade and I made a lot of friends there, so I wanted to continue in high school. I also really liked Band-O-Rama, where they introduce marching band to the eighth graders,” said trombonist Ethan Perlow.

The students all work together and get to know each other over many years. This relationship can help them out in school and makes for a very positive band experience.

“You’re never alone in band,” said percussionist Andrea Hoffman. “If you ever need help or family or guidance, you know band is right there to help you with anything.”

Seniors of the band are getting ready to leave the school, but not all of them are ready to leave band itself. As they move on to college, they are trying to hang on to that high note of their school experience.

“I plan to do band after high school, not as a major, but either in in the marching band or the concert band at whatever college I go to. Band has taught me how to work with other people and make good connections,” Perlow said.

Be sure to catch a concert next year starting with the NLCC Honor Band Festival February 8-9. Also check out the Art Rave Band Fundraiser on January 27 to support them.