Cheer prepares for competition


Confidence is the key for cheerleading, and by hard work, they can accomplish anything. The cheer team has created goals for this year’s season in order to push themselves to become better.
“I would say our team goals this year is to be confident in what we’re doing on the mat so we can put out the cleanest possible routine we can,” said senior Becca Nadeau.
The team wants to perfect their routine as much as possible and continue to better themselves throughout the season.
“We want to work on details and be proud of our routine after we perform,” said senior Mary Kate Morris.
When practicing, the team works together to make their routine the best it can be. They push themselves in conditioning and on the matt to properly prepare them for their competitions. Practice is important for the team to perfect their routine.
“During our practices, we usually run a few fullouts for conditioning and then we break down each individual stunt and tumbling or motion sequence to make sure all our details are the same,” Nadeau said.
While other teams have pre- game handshakes, cheer has a saying: IOT which means “it’s our time.” This saying motivates the team and inspires them.
“Before fullouts at games, comps or even practices, we get in a circle and someone always says ‘FSU ladies,’ which pretty much means we’re going to leave it all on the floor. Another thing we say is IOT which means ‘It’s our time.’ We are doing it for our team and no one else,” Nadeau said.