Mr. GNHS competition raises money for charity


Mr. GNHS was a charity competition
where six outgoing students
showed off their talents in
the Black Box on Nov. 2.
“The competition is between
six senior boys that go to North.
The winner of the competition is
chosen through personality, their
talent, their lip sync battle performance,
their participation in the
group dance and their Q and A
with the judges,” said senior Jordan
Students who came to the
show got to experience lots of
laughter and helped raise money
for charities.
“People came to the show because
not only did the contestants
put in a lot of time and work into it,
but so did all of the people behind
the scenes trying to get everything
to work. In the end, it ended up being
super funny and worth the ten
dollars toward charity,” said senior
Jack Clearwater.
Each of the six contestants
had to perform a group dance, answer
questions, lip sync, and a talent
of their choice.
“Mr. GNHS was pure entertainment.
The students participating
were hilarious and definitely
displayed another side of their
personalities that many of us have
never seen before. The judges’
comments and trash talk made the
whole night completely worth it,
along with the boys’ comebacks.
This was a night that I’d recommend
going to next year, totally
worth it,” said senior Taylor Lerman.
Putting together different acts
takes a huge time commitment
to be prepared for the show. The
backstage crew and the contestants
needed to stay focused the whole
“We spent countless hours
getting our acts together. We had
multiple practices for the group
dance, two dress rehearsals, and
lots of time in our free time in order
to learn our talents and lip synch
songs,” Curtis said.
“The talents that were performed
were a cooking show and
jazzercise by me, guitar playing
by Zach Ravn, piano playing and
singing by Matt Forsman, singing
by Jarod Hesse, and rapping by
both Jack Clearwater and Chris
Thompson,” Curtis said.
The winner of Mr. GNHS was
Jack Clearwater. He had the charity
event called JR’s Pups n Stuff.
“I ended up raising four hundred
dollars myself, and eventually
with the ticket sales, I was able to
raise over $1,200 for JR’s dog shelter,”
Clearwater said.