Austin Glass-Many Faces of North

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Jasmine Monda

Students find benefits in serving their community. Junior Austin Glass, a member of the National Honor Society, has found value in community service.
Community service can teach adolescents about careers or just teach them how to help in a community. It serves a good influence on them growing up as well.
“I feel like service teaches me that there’s a productive way to spend my time that can benefit many others,” Glass said.
Service tends to be most important around the holidays because of the increase in service opportunities, services such as Toys for Tots, soup kitchens, PADS, PAWS, etc. They’re open now because of cold weather to give people places to stay and things to eat, giving gifts to kids who can’t have them and other benefits.
Glass has done multiple types of services. He does services for the school, such as volunteering help at middle school dances and after school events. He’s also volunteered for Feed My Starving Children.
“Well, NHS really got me going for service and motivates me to actually get out and do stuff. Things like school events, helping in the Black Box or dances are also just fun because I can do them with my friends and still help while having fun,” Glass said.
People can volunteer at a pet shelter just by filling out a form. Glass takes up opportunities given to him through school to serve people who need help. He helps out at middle schools for their dances and in theater.
“Whether it be helping others directly or working on something that will become something else that’ll impact others, there’s always a need for people, and it’s nice to be there to help,” Glass said.