Dance sets goals

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Dance sets goals

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Scoring third and fourth place at their first competition, the varsity dance team began the competition season at Wheaton North high school on November 11.

“I think [placing third] helped to boost overall morale and show us that our hard work has started to pay off, so we need to keep doing what we’re doing,” said senior varsity captain Lexi Huffman

This year, the dance team has added many different elements, such as technique and going to studios for practices, and the coaches have noticed the teams growth.

“I think this is one of the most talented teams we have had in several years. There are great dancers and leaders on this team. If they can increase their confidence and believe in themselves, I believe we will be very successful this season. This year, we have implemented a studio lesson once a week for varsity to increase their technical skills. This has been a huge success this year, and the overall technical growth of the team is tremendous. Also, out of the 13 dancers we have on varsity, we have nine seniors on the dance team. This is a huge difference considering we did not have any seniors on the varsity dance team last year,” said head varsity coach Keeley Naughton.

The dance team made goals as a team and personal goals for this season. Senior captain Nicole Boxer has made herself some personal goals to help her achieve not only her high school goals, but also some for college.

“Some of my personal goals include dancing in college. This is my senior year, and I would like to continue dancing through college and potentially on a college dance team,” Boxer said “I am trying to accomplish these goals by pushing myself every single day and working on my strength and skill outside of practice and studio.”

As a team, they will face challenges throughout such as a new scoring for each competition for this season. Even though there will be bumps in the road, the team is preparing for the other teams they will be competing against.

“One problem I think we will face is consistent scoring. This year, IHSA dance has a new scoring rubric that dancers, coaches, and judges are not familiar with. Because of this, we are going to see some dependencies between scores from competition to competition,” Naughton said “Two of the hardest competitions we will compete at is the NLCC Conference Competition and our Sectional Competition. The NLCC competition is filled with amazing talent, and we are always placed at one of the hardest Sectional locations in the state.”

The dance team has been continuing to improve their skills to ensure their spot at State, and they have connected as a team this year to help with that process.

“If I could say one thing about the dance team this year, it would be that I have never met a group of girls who are more dedicated to being a true team. Every single girl pushes themselves in order to assure the teams success,” Boxer said “Along with this every girl is kind to one another and not afraid to joke around. I have so much fun at practice everyday and they never fail to make me laugh, smile, and push myself to be my best.”

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