Psychology Club prepares for annual No Stress Fest

Psychology Club organized activities to help students relax

With finals soon approaching, North’s Psychology Club has been preparing for their annual No Stress Fest.

“No Stress Fest was thought of by Psychology Club to give students an opportunity to participate in fun and relaxing activities in order to de-stress from final exam preparation and studying,” said Psychology Club sponsor Catherine Dodd.

Psychology Club offers a wide variety of social and educational activities, all the while encouraging students to explore psychology through hands-on experiments, demonstrations, discussions, and service projects.

“Psychology Club prepares for No Stress Fest by creating activities and then fundraising to make sure we have the right supplies for each day. We prepare over a period of about 5-6 weeks,” Dodd said.

They have been putting together No Stress Fest for several years now. The event spans out over the school week prior to finals, holding a different activity each day during lunch periods. The activities are meant to be calming and allow students to take a break from studying.

“Students love the No Stress Fest because it gives them an outlet to take space from studying and creates a positive space for them to take a break and recharge,” Dodd said.

Junior Brooke Meadowcroft has gone to several of the events from No Stress Fest during her freshman and sophomore years. She is excited for the new one coming up.

“It’s such a great way to get your mind off of finals. For a while, I just get to focus on games, a craft or petting a dog instead of all the stress that school puts on me,” Meadowcroft said.

No Stress Fest was held the week of December 10. Monday’s event was arts and crafts. Tuesday was games. Wednesday was a gratitude activity. Thursday was dog day and Friday was movie day. Finals will be held December 19, 20 and 21.