LSU holds dance for Central and North students


LSU held a dance on Friday in which their own students and students from Central attended. The dance was an event to promote collaboration among students.

“I went to the dance because it sounded like a really fun activity to participate in, and a lot of my friends were also going. I was excited to go because it was an event that brought two schools together and gave us the opportunity to meet new people,” said sophomore Billy Hopkins.

Bringing the two schools together was an effort to create new relationships and celebrate the Latino community in the Grayslake area.

“We held the dance as a community event between the two schools to celebrate the Latino community and truly come together as a student body and promote unity,” said LSU president and senior Sergio Ayala.

The students planned most of the even and decided what was going to be brought, the location, and the date.

“We took several weeks to plan the dance, what food to bring, what day and time. One of the steps also included inviting Central students to attend,” Ayala said.

LSU asked students attending the dance to bring a canned food item or food that could be donated with them to the dance. Since there were other activities going on that night, LSU thought it would be populated and a good chance to raise awareness for the food drive.

“We thought it would be a great time to have people donate for a good cause. There was also a lot of people coming, so it was a good opportunity to ask for people to donate,” Hopkins said.