Hollow Knight Review

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Many games get player’s attention through great graphics and beautiful scenery. Others use dark atmospheres and mystery. Some of the best games use riveting gameplay and stories to bring the player in and immerse them in a new world. Above all, games that are truly spectacular do all of that and more. One of the greatest examples is Team Cherry’s fantastic game, “Hollow Knight.”

It can be a little hard to follow the lore of this game, and while I did beat the game, there is still a lot that I can explore with in the game’s world, Hollownest. What I have gathered so far is that a great king ruled over Hollownest until an infection swept through the kingdom and brought it to ruin. Now the kingdom is simply a place for explorers and warriors to come battle the infected monsters in the underground kingdom. Although there is much more lore about the characters and story, it is not explicitly stated in the game, and I haven’t quite put it together yet. Still, it doesn’t take away from the fun of the game at all.

This is Team Cherry’s first and only game, and it is incredible. They’ve added new content since the release that adds even more bosses and fights to the game, such as the Grimm Troupe, one of the hardest bosses in the game. Hopefully they will put out more content or new games, because they can do it well.

What makes this game amazing is that the gameplay is balanced and fun, allowing the player to change abilities with items called charms. The player can earn more health and spells throughout the game and also gain more soul, which is the power source used to cast spells. Soul also allows you to heal, but to get soul you have to fight enemies or find one of the games rare hot springs. Every enemy is unique, making the first fight with any enemy just as dangerous as the last since the player doesn’t know what to expect. There are a variety of attacks to choose from, different strategies and a lot of fun fights. This game kept me busy for weeks finding as many cool secrets and fights as I could.

This game is beautiful, fun, and there is no unnecessary urgency to the story, setting just the right pace for the player to explore the world. The players can do whatever they want and unlock a fantastic fantasy story. This game is one of the best I’ve ever played, and I cannot give it enough praise. Everyone should experience this game.