Students from Spain visit North

The high school welcomed many students from Spain throughout the Share America program during the month of September.
“I wanted to do the foreign exchange student program because it was different than anything I had done before. I really want to travel and discover different cultures without feeling like a tourist, and the foreign exchange student program was perfect for that,” said exchange student Ana Bravo.
Among the many different things that were planned for students, some of them had activities they were especially excited for, such as going to the city and trying new food were among them.
“I was very excited to see Chicago and try deep dish pizza. I have always been fascinated by Chicago and it’s busy and lively atmosphere, and it was a very cool experience for me to have,” Bravo said.
The American experience was different for the Spanish students because America had many different customs and home lives. Despite these differences, it was interesting for them to experience what daily life here was like.
“Food is different as they have more restaurants and more fast food. Culture is also different, and they have different sports that we don’t play in Spain,” said exchange student Gádor Rodriguez.
Although their time in America was short, they will remember and cherish it. Friendships and experiences that have shaped them are just some of the things they will take back to Spain.
“It was really different than anything I had experienced before. I got to know their daily lives and friends, and I felt like I was a part of the family. Living with them is obviously what I’m going to remember and miss the most,” said exchange student Víctor López.
However despite being far from their American friends, some of the students plan on coming back to visit.
“I was really impressed by how the school managed to provide so many sports and activities for the students. I definitely plan on coming back. I’m going to miss American food, but no problem, I’ll come back,” López said.