Student creates Gaming Club

Everyone has barriers in their life. It takes work for someone to push boundaries and get somewhere they want to be or make the change they want to see. Victoria Frederichs has made a push in her years here at North to create something she really cares about. Through years of hard work, Frederichs has created her own club that can possibly get people interested in participating and coming out to meet new people. This club is called “Meeples for Peoples,” based on board game pieces in certain games known as Meeples. Every other Thursday, everyone is welcome to join and participate in a large collection of games Frederichs has given to the school.

Starting a club is not as easy as one may think. Frederichs spent a lot of time collecting games and working out the finer details of her club.

“I’ve been hearing about just how much work Victoria’s put into it for two years now, so I wanted to see what she created. It was all about getting permission slips from the school, collecting so many games, coming up with how she was going to present it, would it be combined with any clubs or not, the name, the time just everything,” said club member Ari McFaul.

Frederichs loves board games, and according to other club members, this club helps her as much as it does the students around her. It offers a fun outlet for students after school.

“As a part of my Girl Scouts Gold Award, I was looking for a project I could do that would impact my community. I also wanted to involve something that I enjoyed or something that I did at home, which in this case was board games. I knew a lot of students in the school probably didn’t have access to some of these games, so I wanted to see if I could introduce this new realm of game-play to people my age,” Frederichs said.

The club is structured in a way to teach people new things every day. Any day a new game could be picked and taught at that meeting.

“At the beginning of the club, Victoria pulls out a bunch of games. We say ‘who wants to play this game, or who wants to play this game?’ And if we don’t know the game, she teaches it to us,” said club member Quinn Armstrong.

If someone is interested in getting involved in a fun club, Frederichs put her hard work into making this club for them. Her passion project has paid off and helped the community.

“I think it’s interesting to learn about different games because I don’t play board games nearly as much as Victoria, so the only ones that I knew were like Monopoly and Sorry, you know, the easy ones. So it’s interesting to see all these other types of games,” McFaul said.