Volleyball sets program record


With ending the season on 18 wins, the team worked hard, played fast, and played as a family for each other.
“The team and the program achieved many goals this year. Our slogan for the the year was play hard, play fast and play together. We made some goals for the year. One was by playing together, we were able to break the varsity win total. We ended the year with 18 wins. We set the record for wins for a program,” said head coach Jim Sarver. “We also played for the conference championship against Lakes. We were defeated in the game but gave ourselves a shot at the title. We wanted to play fast. The team shattered most of the offensive records in program history. By playing hard, we also helped set new defensive records in school history as well.”
The team came ready to push through rough games and practices along with always improving on their skills to make the team better.
“We had great intense practices during the year. This is due to the great team members. They came to practice every day ready to improve. We only had one senior playing this year, Taylor Ebersohl, who showed great leadership during the year. The atmosphere in games was great because the team supported each other all season long. We played 35 matches, and they played together the entire season,” Sarver said.
Being an athlete opens new friendships and getting to celebrate on huge wins together.
“What I love most about being an athlete is the friends I’ve made through the sport and the rush you get after winning a big game,” said senior Brittany Grim.

Leaving behind a legacy helps set the positive energy for next year.“As I senior, I want to leave a positive legacy behind because I want the girls coming in next year to feel welcomed to the team,” Grim said.