Disenchantment Review

Matt Groening, best known for his work on “The Simpsons” and “Futurama,” has a new show on Netflix called “Disenchantment.” So far, it has not quite lived up to his other works, but the second season could change that.

The show follows the misadventures of Princess Bean, her friend Elfo, and her personal demon Luci. The show is a comedy that does not really know how to use timing in comedy correctly. Jokes feel misplaced, slow, or just outright unfunny due to it being self-referential, or over the top, just for the sake of being over the top. “Disenchantment” has a similar structure to other shows by Groening with a new plot for each episode, but unlike “The Simpsons,” it seems like “Disenchantment” has an overarching plot for the season that will lead in to season two as well. Princess Bean’s mother, Queen Dagmar, was lost early in Bean’s life. However, there is an elixir of life that King Zog is looking for that can bring her back to life. It leads to a more interesting type of story than the usual new-problem-each-episode type of story.

Groening has made amazing shows in the past, but “Disenchantment” just hasn’t reached that point. It is not as good at building the characters and resorts to telling the audience their traits rather than showing them. It is lacking in humor due to it all being similar, poorly timed jokes, and it takes the viewer out of the show by explaining everything instead of implying something for audiences to pick up on. However, “Disenchantment” really knows how to build a serious plot. When the season came to a close on a new, dramatic plot, the writing improved, the comedy felt better, and every action had real consequences for the first time.

The animation is lovely, the plot is kicking off, but if the show goes back to the comedy it used in the beginning, the show will fall apart. It is worth the watch for a good laugh every now and then, and the second season is looking very good if the audience learns more about season one’s twist ending.