Zoe Schweitzer

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This school year invites three new students from other countries to be a part of the North Knight’s family, one of which is Zoe Schweitzer from France.

Zoe is a fun spirited and independent girl who is excited to be here. Back home in France, she enjoyed working out and doing jiu jitsu. She also has a brother and sister that were exchange students before her, so she was aware of what it’s like to be one and wanted to try it out for herself.

“I thought I would do the same as them [her siblings], and I just want change my lifestyle a little,” Schweitzer said.

She has been very comfortable with her host family, who chose to take care of her during her time here. She did not get to pick her host family; she was only able to talk with families, and a family would decide if they wanted to host her. The family chose Zoe because of what she likes and how well she would be able to get along with them.

“They asked me a lot of questions, like if I like animals or children,” Schweitzer said.

Zoe has only been here for a short amount of time, but she has enjoyed her stay so far. She is excited about being here and getting the most out of this experience. Unlike most exchange students, Zoe’s independence helps her cope with the changes around her and the feeling of missing her family.

“It is the beginning, so I don’t really miss much, maybe my friends and family,” Schweitzer said.

Even though it is the beginning, she still finds herself thinking of home. She is able to call her friends and family, but for Zoe, there’s always music to help her get through the homesick feeling.

“French music is really good for when I’m missing home. It always makes me feel better,” Schweitzer said.

Zoe arrived not knowing what anything was like here in America. Lots of things were new to her, and many things came as a shock to her.

“Here I think everything is just more big. I didn’t think everything would be so open. Even the supermarkets are big,” Schweitzer said.

Zoe is doing really well in school, adapting nicely to the differences from France and American schooling. Her favorite class is math, and she also likes gym class because she’s a very active person. Zoe also speaks Spanish, but decided not to take a class for it this year because she doesn’t want to overwhelm herself with multiple languages.

“I know Spanish, but I didn’t want to take that class because I wanted to focus on my English,” Schweitzer said.

Zoe will be going back home to France in June.

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