What freshmen should know

Coming into high school is a very nerve wracking experience, and any student that is asked will say there are things they wish they knew their freshman year. One of the scariest things is trying to find a good hobby and meeting people.

“I think freshmen should know that they should participate in clubs even if they are afraid of being bad at it. Everyone needs to take opportunities as a chance to grow. Try out for anything that appeals to you. Who cares if none of your friends do it or you think you’re bad at it. Everything is worth a try. For example, I knew I wanted to try out for the volleyball team freshman year, even though I had never played in my life. I continued to grow and learn how to play volleyball. On the way to becoming a better player, I made some great memories and friends. I learned that you really shouldn’t let the idea that you’re bad at something stop you from doing what you might want to do. Go ahead and join that club or sport or activity,” said junior Abby Tompoles, Link Crew leader.

Freshman year is also a chance to learn new things, even if that means learning from previous mistakes. However, through these mistakes many people are able to improve. “Unfortunately the ways you are able to tell others what not to do is by making the mistake yourself or watching someone you care about make that mistake. Listen to those around you and grow from what you observe,” said fellow Link Crew leader junior Emma Jaworski.

Everyone has a different experience their freshman year, but each person also has their own bad experiences. “A bad time for me was being lost and trying to find where I felt comfortable. It was pretty tough. Getting split up from friends I’ve known for a long time was really upsetting because they were the people I would always be with and talk to, but it was much harder to see them and plan things since we all had different things going on. I just managed to find new friends through the classes I took and the sports and clubs I participated in,” said junior Bryan Donaire, Student Council leader.

With these bad times good times follow and even better times come. These good times are ones that should be remembered.

“Freshman year I met some of the greatest friends I will ever have. Through classes and sports, I was able to make some new friends that I’m still close with to this day,” Tompoles said.

The advice that is given to someone their freshman year can sometimes be some of the most memorable pieces of advice they are given in high school.

“I was told to take everything in and remember as much as I could. Now that I look back, the time really does fly by, and although it feels
long while you are experiencing it, the years go fast. Being able to take a step back to enjoy it is so important,” Jaworski said.

There are pieces of information that everyone wishes they knew when they were younger, and thankfully with experiences
they are able to share them with the younger generation.