Colleges don’t define you

If high school students were asked what they were doing after high school, for many, his would cause a lot of stress as they try to come up with an answer. That is because everything sounds like it leads to college. People have other options, and everyone has some idea of what they would like to do, but students are only really told that they should plan for right after high school. What about the rest of life? Students have been taught to stress the wrong things.
In my experience, students are told from a young age that college is the toughest schooling they will have, and it is important to pick the right one. There is no denying that if someone chooses to go to college, they should pick carefully. However, students are not told what to do after college, just to get into the best colleges out there. They will stress out worrying about a few years of their life, but not the many years ahead.
No matter who the student is, there is a college out there that they can go to. A student does not have to go to the best of the best in terms of colleges. The goal is to learn, not compete against students for the best schools. There are also plenty of other opportunities for the future outside of college. Thinking about colleges can cause a lot of stress, but I do not want to feel like I am trapped by how well I do in school. No matter what happens, I make my own future.
I know I do not represent everyone, but what I want to say is that students spend too much time stressed about the future. People need to enjoy their time in high school and realize that the future is not something scary if one doesn’t let it be. Students should enjoy themselves, be happy with what they have, and don’t let worries about the future be a problem.