Students, staff pilot new activities

The Social Studies Honor Society, Technical Honor Society, and Triathlon Team are all new clubs and activities starting this year with the goal of teaching students life skills, working on fitness, and having fun.
Students who stay active and to get involved in their school tend to do well in class. Clubs and activities allow students to do just that, as well as learn more about topics that interest them while partaking in activities that help them stay healthy.
“One of my first little youths I coached when he was about nine asked for my help. I really enjoy coaching and seeing TRI being such a positive activity for all ages. It tends to spread to friends and family and we improve our community’s health,” said Triathlon sponsor Matt Peterson.
Clubs offer opportunities for leadership and learning. If someone is interested in a topic and excels at it, they may be inducted into an honors society and have an even greater experience in that subject
“As social studies teachers, obviously we’re very passionate about social studies and what it has to offer. [The Social Studies Honor Society] was a way for us to honor students who really excelled and had leadership and service in social studies,” said Social Studies Honor Society sponsor Roxanne Bristow.
These societies reward students for their hard work as well.
“As a [Career Technical Education] department, we wanted to make sure we are giving students opportunities to be honored and recognized while pursuing their interests and passions within our CTE program offerings,” said Technical Honor Society sponsor Laura Bertermann.
Many activities also look good to colleges, showing what a student has learned, is good at, and is dedicated to.
“Clubs show colleges that you are multifaceted, well rounded, that you have good time management skills and possibly learned good social skills to be, like I said, a well rounded human being, so when you get to college you’re not going to fail. You’re going to have your classes and your extracurriculars. They really want to see leaders as well,” said activities director Molly Tomlinson.