FBLA goes to State

FBLA competed at State in Springfield, Illinois, to help promote their students’ skills in business.

“The competition included many different categories to compete in from test on accounting, to making a video game, and also marketing the competition me, Noah and Luca competed in,” junior Jack Clearwater said.

Getting a chance to compete in State is a huge opportunity for them to build and meet new friends.

“Going to FBLA State was amazing. Even though we got sixth and didn’t qualify for Nationals, it was still awesome to meet new people and experience it,” Clearwater said.

When preparing for competitions like this, the students get together and prepare for presentation.

“The preparation depends on whether you’re willing to put forth the effort in it. Rhea and I decided to hang out during certain times in the week and really work on our project,” said sophomore Anjelica Rodriguez.

Later that day of competing, the students go back and reflect to see what they can fix for next time.

“After competitions, we usually reflect on what we could have done better and how we’re able to change that by the next competition,” Anjelica said.

Accomplishing goals takes hard work and dedication with lots of growth throughout the year.

“We want to grow FBLA and want more people to participate in our competitions. We want to be more involved in the school and we would like to raise more money for the school,” said sponsor Tony Bussone.

As being a role model for the kids, it will help them accomplish things greater in life to help them in the future.

“We want to teach them responsibility, leadership, and to develop professional skills that will help them later on,” Bussone said.