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Students participate in Hunger Games

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Sudents participated in the second GNHS Hunger Games event on April 27. Reprising the event from three years ago, event planners organized a dodgeball battle royale across the entire school, with the exception of classrooms and offices. Students fended for themselves in the massive dodgeball free for all as three fierce rounds of battle royale were played throughout the night.

“I would describe the event as a last man standing dodgeball game throughout the school” said senior Billy Lay, assistant event planner for the night. “It’s an event where you can come hang out with friends and try to stay alive as you compete to prove that you are the ultimate victor.”

At the start of the event, players were gathered in the gym and briefed on the rules for the night. Players could be eliminated through two methods: a direct hit by a dodgeball (with headshots as invalid), or the removal of a flag tied around the waist. Before the game began, players began in the gym and had 90 seconds to collect dodgeballs and scatter throughout the school before players could begin to eliminate each other. After each elimination, players reported to the main office and a cannon was signaled over the intercoms. As the players were narrowed down, sections of the school were announced off limits via intercom, as in battle royale tradition.

“Being able to venture through the entire school was my favorite part,” said senior Marcus Sandroni. “My favorite memory of the night was scaring…everyone else when we went through the halls.”

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Students participate in Hunger Games