AP Spanish Literature teaches students about culture, literature

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Throughout my year as an AP Spanish Literature student, I have learned so much about my own culture and the ways in which it has evolved as the centuries go by. From reading medieval stories to modern day poetry, I have thoroughly enjoyed this class, alongside some of the tightest knit group of peers that I have encountered in all my four years of high school. Our teacher, Sr. Rocha, has done everything he can to make sure we not only engage, but connect to the works we read and analyze, in order to find ourselves in at least one of the stories we have read throughout the year. His quirky tales and witty teaching methods have allowed us to truly delve deep into the meanings of works, rather than just test on it and move on. I will always miss our Churro Fridays, our story telling days, our conversations about cultures and customs, and most of all, the bond our class formed through our common Hispanic heritage.

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