Lacrosse ranks first in Conference


Lacrosse puts in many hours to practice and prepare themselves for difficult competition spread throughout the course of the spring season. The boys want to continue the reputation of North’s successful lacrosse program and put up tough fights against aggressive teams.
“The most difficult part of lacrosse is staying in shape during the season. Lacrosse is a very physically demanding sport, especially cardiowise, and it is always a challenge to get in shape before the season. Luckily, Coach Fish does a fantastic job of maintaining proper conditioning,” said senior Matt Carr.
Many lacrosse athletes also play other sports throughout the course of the year to prepare them mentally and physically. This preparation has helped them have an overall record of 11-3. The team also is currently first in the Northern Lake County Conference. “Lacrosse compared to my other sport hockey is pretty similar. The intensity and speed is always extremely high. Physicality is pretty similar as well, yet hockey is actually a little quicker. Obviously, in both sports, the object is to score. I love both of the sports for different reasons, but playing either on the turf or the ice has made me the person I am today,” said junior Aidan Vettraino.
The boys have been continuously preparing themselves for the ultimate goal: State. Coach Brad Fish has taken the boys to another level through strenuous workouts and practices. The team, as an entirety, has had to unite together to focus mentally during games to work toward that goal.
“We definitely put in the work, and it pays off. We compete against competitive schools like Loyola Academy, St. Viator, and New Trier. In order to be successful, we have to focus during practices and look at the big picture. We all want to go to State, but we have to work for it,” said junior Michael Trabulsy.