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E3, the Electronic Enterainment Exposition, is an annual event that started in May, 1995. This year it is being held from June 12 to June 14 in Los Angeles, California. The expo is a big show that invites and allows vendors and big companies to set up booths to display their products and announce their newest products. The big companies can hold panels to talk about their products and announce what to expect for 2018 from that company.
E3 2018 is going to be a big year for technology and video games. The gaming industry is pretty much the main focus during E3, that ranges from the technology for gaming, software and hardware, and the games themselves. Some of the big companies that are going to be there this year are Sony, Microsoft, Nintendo, Razer, EA (Electronic Arts), Ubisoft, Square Enix and many more. There are a large amount of companies that are going to be at E3 this year. Some of the games that are expected to be announced and talked about are the new untitled Spiderman game from Sony and the Last of Us 2, the new Super Smash Bros on the Nintendo Switch, Battlefield 5, Division 2, Elderscrolls, and Kingdom Hearts 3, as reported by numerous media outlets.
According to the official E3 website, ticket prices are $250 per ticket, and that allows the ticket-holder to go to all three days: Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday.

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