Boys volleyball works to achieve goals

As the school year comes to a close, the boys volleyball team continues their season with a positive attitude. The team captains, Sage Lawson, Marshal Diep, Nick Anello and Jarod Hesse, are prepared and ready to lead their team to the upcoming games against Lakes on May 8.
“My goal is to become a better leader this season, and I think as a captain I am given a great opportunity to show my leadership as well as improve them,” Diep said.
The team has made their goals as a team. At the beginning of the season, they filled out goals sheets with what they wanted to accomplish.
“We’re focusing on working as a team, and by doing so, we can get stronger together and then we can focus on winning,” Lawson said.
Although the team has a record of 8-11, they have been progressively working together to refine their skills and their teamwork. Enhancing their skills and practicing new plays are strategies they are using to finish the season strong.
“We are working with the boys to help better their technical skills as well as improving plays,” said assistant varsity coach Jill Grunloh. “We wanted to work on improving the basics before we could move on to more advanced and complicated plays.”