Behind an Enchanted Evening

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For the eleventh year in a row, the prom committee has
organized North’s Prom: An Enchanted Evening.

“I like to be a part of what my prom will be like, and the
best way to do that is to be on prom committee,” said senior
student council member Ellie McShane. McShane has been on Student Council for four years,
since she was a freshman at North.

Math teachers Jodi Sokoloski and Jill Grunloh, along with
students from the prom committee, began planning back
in 2017. The committee organizes prom for the students at
North, deciding every element from the theme and venue
to the decorations and invitations. The prom committee
covers it all to ensure students can have the ‘perfect knight’.

“We have a few meetings, talking about past proms, looking
through prom magazines and coming up with the committee’s
top choices. Then the committee will vote for their
choice, and ta-da, we have a theme,” said math teacher Jill

The prom planning process always begins the year before,
when the committee first books the venue. After that is
taken care of, they move onto a theme, transportation and
booking a DJ. It then comes down to the final details: decorations
to accomodate the theme, invitations, ticket sales,
royalty voting polls and royalty items for the prom king and
queen that get crowned that night. The prom committee
also takes care of prom t-shirts, which are triditonally worn the
Friday before prom.

“Picking a theme is a lot of debate since everyone has different
ideas,” said senior Ellie McShane.

Grunloh enjoys being a part of prom planning because
it reminds her of when she planned her wedding. She
also appreciates working with students outside of the math
room, having the opportunity to see their creativity flow in
different ways.

“Everyone is so happy and smiling. It just makes my
heart so happy,” Grunloh said.

The 2018 Prom had plans to bring people together
through music, dancing, dinner, and beautiful decor.

“Prom really is an opportunity for all the students at
North to come together and celebrate the times they have
shared together for one last time,” McShane said.

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