Michelle Jimenez Senior Goodbye

Woah, four years with my friends from
kindergarten to middle school and now
some are fading away to go to college. Who
knows if I will ever see them again, but hey,
that’s life. School has taught me a lot education-
wise and friend-wise. Friend-wise is
because toward the end of high school, you
realize who is a real friend is and who isn’t.
Education-wise because I learned different
ways to study and to learn. Knowing that I
will be graduating and leaving to go to college
is crazy and unbelievable. I will be entering
a new phase in my life, and I will be
being more responsible; it will be life as an
adult from that day forward. I have mixed
emotions towards graduating, from happiness
that I’m finally leaving high school to
sadness because now comes the actual beginning.
But what can I say, life is life, so
got to make the best out of it.