Anne Mattea Senior Goodbye

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I’ve always enjoyed writing. I used to
write stories when I was a kid, proclaiming
I was going to be a famous author.
I quit writing during high school. I felt
I wasn’t very good at it, only ever bothering
to type when I was forced to do an English
When I started journalism in my junior
year, it was only because I was no longer
taking art classes and needed something to
Now I’m planning to be a journalism
major, so clearly something changed.
Then came junior year. I was writing
more than I had ever before during high
school, and I was not actually bad at it. In
fact, by the end of the year, I enjoyed it.
Now, in my senior year, I am a news
editor for The Knight Times, and I love it.
I love writing the stories and making layouts,
and I’m grateful that I joined as a
bored junior.

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