Abby Hamelton Senior Goodbye

Throughout high school, I have
learned many things. I have learned that it
is important to be a good person because
you never know what someone is going
through. Grades actually do matter. No
matter how cute you think that one boy
is, he more than likely will do you wrong,
and coffee is the only thing that can get you
through the day. But most importantly,
when it comes to friends, it’s better to have
a small group of close friends then a huge
group of friends that don’t care about you.
I wish I would’ve known most of this when
starting off my freshman year, but then I
wouldn’t be able to give this advice now.
I would like to thank my teachers for putting
up with my laziness, and my mom for
making me go to school every day, because
if she didn’t, I would have never experienced
all that I have.