Erin McBriarty Senior Goodbye

Four years ago, I walked into journalism
class and I knew no one. Now this
wasn’t a surprise to me because I came
from a private school with one other person
I had known from day one. I would
have to make new friends. Little did I know
I would be walking into a class that changes
my life as a person, a writer, and a student.
I’ve learned many leadership skills
because of the nature of this class. I’ve
learned much more about my school than
I ever expected. I’ve met more teachers,
heard more student stories and learned
about the people behind the scenes who
make the school run. I’ve learned important
skills about how to interview and how
to be interviewed.
This class has given me relationships
that I wouldn’t change for the world. I met
one of my best friends because of this class.
I became an editor with one features page,
to a co-executive editor, being in charge of
the centerspread and a sports page.
I was given a teacher who has supported
me through four years of school,
taught me lessons that can be applied to
things outside of journalistic writing. Ask
questions that elicit complex responses.
Not every story you write has to be a hard
hitting, life changing story. Write about
what you enjoy and write it well.
I‘m saying goodbye to writing columns
with Grace, to harassing Mrs. Smith
about random of things. I’m saying goodbye
to writing editorials and features stories.
Saddest of all, I am saying goodbye to
the most impactful class, teacher and classmates
I have ever had in my school experience.