Mrs. Dodd, Kat Black-Mishaan recount special bond

Kat Black-Mishaan and Catherine Dodd formed countless memories in Dodd’s AP Psychology class and Psychology Club.

“I have many favorite memories of Kat, but perhaps my favorite memory of her is when we were filming a Knight’s Way short film, and on the last take, Kat was falling asleep while saying her lines, trying to keep her eyes open during the take,” Dodd said.

After high school, Mrs. Dodd will miss Black immensely as she embarks on her new journey in college.

“It was a joy having Kat in AP Psychology, and she has been an invaluable leader in Psychology Club. However, what I will miss the most is Kat’s humor, her authenticity, her willingness to be honest and real, her kindness toward others, and her positive energy,” Dodd said.

Thanks to Dodd’s help, Black will pursue a psychology major at the University of Michigan and later go to law school to become a criminal defense attorney.

“I’m definitely going to miss Mrs. Dodd. She is by far one of the most influential and amazing teachers I have had,” said Black. “Her class inspired me to major in psychology, and her advice, understanding, and guidance have all impacted me immensely.”