Ms. Church, Kat Llaness-Smith recount special bond

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Katherine (Kat) Llanes-Smith was in Stephanie Church’s Junior English Honors class last year. They both are going to miss each other when Llanes-Smith goes away to college, but they plan to stay in touch.

“I automatically just remember Kat walking [into class] every day so excited to be there and bringing the energy to class, and she would say things like ‘I’m so excited to talk about this chapter’ or ‘I’m so excited to start this activity’,” said Church. “She was always so curious in English and excited to be learning, which made me so happy.”

Llanes-Smith does not have a specific favorite memory about Church, but she likes the way she teaches and treats her classes.

“I like the way Ms. Church taught,” said Llanes-Smith. “She was really expressive with us, and we were allowed to write inspirational quotes on the back wall whenever we wanted to.”

Church said that Llanes-Smith is a natural teacher, and she got to demonstrate that at the end of the year during class.

“I remember her lesson very well, and she was just so passionate and engaging with her peers,” Church said. “I [could] see her being a really effective teacher in her future.”