Seaonna Strischek

Although some students take the option to graduate early by a semester, junior Seaonna Strischek is going to be graduating an entire year before the rest of her class. She plans to take a gap year to work and save up money before heading off to a college of her choice.
Graduating this early takes some dedication to school work and a little bit of extra time used for summer school and zero hour. Strischek was guided along by school counselors.
“[The biggest help for me was] my friends and my counselors. They have all been really supportive and helped out if I ever had questions. They have been great, and I’ve also had a lot of support from my parents,” Strischek said.
Strischek will be using her time away from school to think about her career and future, figuring out what college she wants to go to and what kind of profession she would like to enter.
“I wanted to take a gap year before I go to college so I could have some time, not only work and get a job to save up for college, but also so I have more time to pick what college I want to go to without feeling rushed into the decision,” Strischek said.
Strischek may have a head start on her future, but on the other hand she will still miss what she could have experienced her senior year, such as the activities and the people
“I’m definitely going to miss my friends, but also the theater and choir programs. They’re so much fun,” Strischek said