Code of conduct changes

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North’s code of conduct has been recently updated, and with it also comes the end of random drug testing for the students starting next year.

Representatives of the school have gone through the school’s policies and reviewed them to decide what should stay and what should go.

“A big group was created to make certain that we were getting an understanding of all perspectives, and then we went through a process where we looked at what we had and similar schools in our area to determine what we should do,” said assistant athletic director Adam DeCaluwe.

The new code will still punish students for drug use or possession, but random drug tests will end because of it. Otherwise, the code is still very similar to the old one but with small differences.

“I believe the categories [of the code of conduct] have gotten a little more specific, and there is more of a tiered policy. Instead of having most of the violations lumped into one large category, it’s split out a little bit,” said athletic director Tina Woolard.

This change will change the school experience for the years to come.

“I would say generally with any change, it would affect the whole school, so that would include teachers, coaches, sponsors and administrators,” said activities director Molly Tomlinson.