Students take the Day of Silence

Students went the entire day without talking on April 27, the Day of Silence, to bring notice to those in the LGBT+ community that have been silenced.
“It is to recognize the fact that so many people that are a part of the LGBT community have felt like they had to be silenced for so many years, maybe to avoid bullying,” said SAGA sponsor Chris Fisherkeller. “For some people in the past, and even unfortunately today, it can be a life or death situation.”
The day before is the Day of Dialogue where students talk about why they choose to go silent for an entire day.
“We have this thing called the Day of Dialogue, which is the day before the Day of Silence, and the SAGA students have a table down in front of the cafeteria, and students can pick up a little card that explains what the Day of Silence is,” said SAGA sponsor Patrick Green. “And they can, on the Day of Dialogue, go around and show their teachers the card so the teachers know this is going on.”
Going through the day without talking can be challenging, but students know the reason for not talking is worth it.
“Well it’s difficult to not be able to talk, especially in classes and all that, and you have things that you want to say. But when you know that it’s, like, for a higher purpose, you have a reason to do it,” said senior Emma Ziegler.
Some students are confused on why students take this day, and many do not even know about the day.
“I think it is important to have a day to acknowledge all the hardships LGBT people face, especially in our school community, as a day for advocacy and all that especially the day before being the day of dialogue,” Ziegler said.