Senior class looks forward to graduation

The time has came for the class of 2018 to graduate and leave high school. Graduation will take place on May 19.
“[Graduation day] was made on a survey. I heard feedback from students and parents in the past. We decided to put a survey out to the community and asked about specific times and days. I asked about a Thursday, Friday, Saturday, and a Sunday evening. The day that came back more often was Saturday, so we went with Saturday, May 19,” said Principal Dr. James Roscoe.
Students recieved five tickets for graduation, but if students are in need of more, there is an option.
“[Our solution] is that we also do a live broadcast in the Black Box, so that way if there’s a conflict or out of seats, there’s still a way to see it in the livetime,” said Associate Principal of curriculum and instruction Jeff Schagrin.
Students prepare themselves for what comes next in their lives after High School.
“[After graduating] what I am looking forward to is studying in college and making new connections with individuals who have the same goals as me in order to be successful in my profession,” said senior Alberto Martinez.
Students have different feelings about graduation.Some experience excitement, while some experience nostalgia, or often a mix of both.
“I feel excited about graduation because it is the day where we, as the senior class, are celebrated and recognized as successful individuals who are now concluding our high school education and moving on into a new world filled with new choices and opportunities,” Martinez said.
Graduation is also an nostalgic time for staff members. Schagrin wishes seniors the best on their future endeavors and career choices.
“[What I say] is follow your passions, have fun. Life is a journey, take the risks when you can and don’t forget about us. We’ll love to keep in touch with you guys. We love to have an alumni come back. I think the best thing for a student currently is to hear from a former student. Those connections with our alumni that come back to share their stories that’s where the true learning happens,” Schagrin said.