Seniors dress up for the countdown

As the year winds down, many of the students from the senior class is participating in the senior ABC countdown. It’s the perfect time at the end of the school year, when “senioritis” is kicking in, for student to dress up each day to add a little more excitement into the normal day.

We came up with the days based upon what people told us that what they wanted, and what we thought would be fun for the seniors to do,” said senior William Lay.

Student Council was in charge of creating fun and creative days that would get all of the seniors involved. The countdown includes one letter of the alphabet every day.

“The days can be found on twitter for students to check, but here is a list of every day: America, beach, camo, Dad, eighties, flannel, groutfit, hippie, Ice, jersey, kid, look alike, mismatch, neon, occupation, pink out, quiet, rome, superhero, t-shirt (prom shirt), ugly sweater, vine, wild west, Xmas, next year (college stuff), and zoo,” said senior Danielle Lacke.

Even though Student Council makes the days based on majority of what the senior class wants, they still need to get it approved by the administration. For Example, on dad day many of the seniors chose to wear khaki shorts, along with socks and sandals.

“It has to be approved by the administration because pretty much all activities and events need to be. They just want to make sure the days are appropriate,” Lacke said.

For the most part, the senior class really enjoys getting to participate in their own countdown before they graduate and leave the school.

Depending on the day, more or less people participate, this year we have had a good amount of participation on the easier days like America, jersey, and hippie day,” senior Abby Holm said.