Fine arts celebrated at MUSE festival


The music program, visual arts, and theatre program got together to participate in North’s art festival, MUSE, a celebration of the fine and performing arts, on April 11.

“I think it is really important for fine arts to be recognised especially in a school setting and here at North. It is really special, and I think all of the teachers do a great job of making fine arts noticed,” said sophomore Kate Karvelis.

The night is full of different arts, shows, and activities for the school community. It includes face painting, pinch pot making, a drum circle, and many other events. MUSE helps to generate awareness and support of the arts within the school and Grayslake area.

“We hold this event for awareness and an introduction to the people about what we do here in terms of fine arts. We really want to get art out into the community for people to appreciate it,” said theatre teacher Clare McConville.

MUSE’s goal is to enhance the experience of people’s lives with art. The hope is to give people a finer appreciation of the arts.

“We want to be able to showcase the talents of the students from every area of the fine and performing arts and to invite the community in to have an opportunity to experience all of the wonderful things we have here at the school,” said art teacher Kelly Bott.

MUSE can positively impact guests and leave them with new respect or new views of the arts.

“The takeaway would be let your creativity shine and continue doing whatever your art is. Whether it’s music, or drawing, or creating something, just do what you love,” said junior Neilla Janssen.