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Students take bi-literacy test

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The Assessment of Performance toward Proficiency in Languages test (AAPPL) tests students on their own knowledge and fluency of other languages. The test has been made available for students of Grayslake North. Students taking the test have to meet benchmarks on ACT or SAT and another language.
“In Illinois, the test awards college credit for all private and public institutions, and it is an honor to achieve.” said world language department chair Valerie Padgett-Krause.
Taking the test now can have many advantages in the lives of the students who take it, especially in future job opportunities and other endeavors.
“If a student achieves the seal, it will be placed on their transcript and diploma to prove they are biliterate, which has many future advantages” Padgett-Krause said.
The testing is computer based, and consists of activities such as writing an email and video chatting in the target language. The test is also not timed, so students do not have to worry about time management. For North students taking the test, the test is held in the school’s own language lab and costs $20 for the entire exam. A student could also use the exam to receive a tri-literate, as opposed to a bi-literate seal.
“The seals on my diploma create opportunities for me because it demonstrates to colleges, as well as future employers, that I am fluent in three languages, which gives me an advantage over other potential job candidates” said senior Alam Gonzalez.
The AAPPL test is an efficient way for students to prove their knowledge in multiple languages, something that schools and future jobs look for. The test languages include German, French, Spanish, and more.
“The AAPPL test is important to me because it shows me that I can communicate in a language other than English,” Gonzalez said.

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Students take bi-literacy test