Hoops for Hope raises money for 12 Oaks Foundation

The 12 Oaks Foundation was founded in 2010, by Julie and Steve Hupp, parents of Matt Hupp, the year after their son, Matt, died of cancer. Hoops for Hope was started by Steve in honor of his son’s love for the sport and is now one of the main fundraisers for the foundation. They created this event in order to get people in the community involved and to have fun while raising money for a good cause.
“Hoops for Hope was created to raise funds for 12 Oaks Foundation. The name was very symbolic as the funds raised provide grants to families battling pediatric cancer to keep their children in activities. The call to action is to play hoops and create hope for families battling cancer,” executive director Elizabeth Martin said.
The fundraiser is a 3v3 tournament that lasts over a period of two days and involves almost all age groups. They also host competitions in between games to keep people involved and having fun.
“Hoops for Hope is Lake County’s favorite three-on-three basketball tournament. All players under 18 are guaranteed games over the two days of great basketball. There is also a three point shooting contest and skills completion,” Martin said.
Throughout the two days the event takes place, the foundation is able to raise an impressive amount of money for these families that are in need of financial support.
“Last year over $27,000 was raised. This year’s goal is $30,000. In addition to the fees to play, players can opt to fundraise as individuals for the event,” Martin said. “Players have already raised over $2,700 for the cause. If they raise over $100, they get a Wilson Basketball. Since 2010, 12 Oaks has given away more than $150,000 to hundreds of children,” Martin said.
Hoops for Hope is a large event that takes a lot of people to help run it and keep everything nice and organized.
“We have a committee and then we get about 100 volunteers from the community including many teens from neighboring high schools,” co-director and founder Julie Hupp said.
This event is also a great time for kids to participate by helping with the event and not just by playing basketball. Students like to help out by reffing and keeping score of the games for service hours.
“I volunteered for Hoops for Hope for NHS hours. I reffed, kept score, and passed out jerseys and whistles,” volunteer senior Abbey Guenther said.