Ian Column

There is something in the world that just about everyone has to face, whether they want to or not, and although it’s helpful in the long run, it’s not often you enjoy it all that much. I’m of course talking about a job. Even though we pick them ourselves, there is no denying that nobody wants to work, and first jobs are not always fun.
Last summer, I worked at Six Flags Great America, and although I met new people and got experience at a job, I’m probably not going back. I may get a new job, but sometimes you know if something is right for you or not.
A job should make you want to come back or the pay has to be worth the experience. If a job is uncomfortable it’s fully in the hands of the employee if they want to work somewhere or not.
Anothet thing to consider is whether it’s worth the free time it takes up. I had very little free time last summer, but I think it was worth my time to get a job and earn that experience. Working hard and making your own money can be a really good feeling, but if someone needs more time to relax or go out, they should consider their job carefully and think about how it might affect their schedule.
A job isn’t a bad thing, but it can be hard to find one that is enjoyable or worthwhile. I would recommend a summer job during the school year, but it’s important to know if you can handle the responsibility. Think hard about what is worth putting up with for the experience or money, and try to do what’s best for you.