The Division Review

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Since the teaser at E3, there had been massive hype growing in anticipation of Tom Clancy’s “The Division.” The game was inspired by a government simulation called Operation Dark Winter. The game itself is based in New York City after an outbreak of a smallpox pandemic that began during Black Friday shopping by being placed on money. In the game you play as an agent who is a part of a secret division of Homeland Defense called “The Division.” They are sleeper agents, trained for specific scenarios and then placed back into normal life until a situation of the right magnitude occurs and they are activated.

It is a third person shooter which I expected to be clunky, but it pleasantly surprised me with controls that were very smooth and well thought out. It also plays like a RPG would, with a random looting system, grinding, and mass amounts loot with varying rarities going from the least powerful tier called Worn, to the most powerful tier, Gear Sets. It gives additional depth to the shooter elements of the game with a deep and complex loot system. There are also vanity items including skins for guns and backpacks, and there are also clothes that can be found in the open world of New York City.

The Dark Zone is an area where you are faced with other players and dangerously powerful non-player characters. Inside the Dark Zone, there is better loot, but with better loot comes more danger and hostile players. You can also go into The Dark Zone with a group of up to four people. The PvE area of the game allows you to quickly level up, enjoy the story of the game, and the very well detailed and amazing looking New York City.

I’ve been playing this game since the minute that it was released, and I have greatly enjoyed roaming the streets of New York City fighting to take back the city. It had its highs and lows, and for a while the game went silent and under the radar of most people, but then after a lot of patches and some new Downloadable Content, the game burst back and more people started coming back to the game and playing it. I give Tom Clancy’s “The Division” 7.5 out of 10.

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